Monday, August 1, 2016

Cowgirl Up releases tomorrow!

When quitting isn’t an option, a girl has to cowgirl up.

After the loss of her mother, Trinity finds herself alone in the world with only her horse, Legacy, for companionship. She embarks on a journey to fulfill her and her late mother’s dream—to qualify for the barrel racing national championship.

Cody signed up as a rodeo vet to help alleviate his restlessness since returning from Afghanistan. The former Navy SEAL struggles with his scars both inside and out, especially after his last girlfriend took one look at his wounds and ran.

Both Trinity and Cody are no strangers to grief. They recognize a kindred spirit in each other, but obstacles keep popping up along the way.

Can they learn to trust and walk this journey together? In order to make all her dreams come true, can Trinity cowgirl up to the challenge and come out a winner?

This is a re-released title and the prequel to a new story entitled Cowgirl Strong coming in November.

This is one of my favorite books so far. I hope you find it to be one of yours!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What's happening in my world lately?

Hey all,

Just an update and glimpse into my world and what I've been doing.

I've returned to working full time at my job. That cut my writing time in half. Sucks big time, but it's reality. The good news is I've figured out a routine in order to maximize the time I have. Chores, weed pulling, mowing, gardening, and housework are done in the morning along with my workout. After that, it's butt in chair and fingers on keyboard! It's working!

I'm closing in on finishing another M/M story, this one called Clothing Optional. I hope to have that done in the next few days and see if I can find it a home. Yay! It's been too long since I finished a book and about time to get another one in the processing stages.

It's been too dang hot that I was in a losing battle with the weeds. I made a significant dent in them, but they seem to be trying for a comeback. I might win some rounds, but I think they'll nip me in the end. Until frost, that is. Then I'll be one happy camper. LOL. I'm ready right now!

At least the rains have returned the past couple of days. I'm sure my water bill this next time will be scary from having to water twice a day. Yikes! I couldn't let the veggies just up and die after all that work. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the rains to continue.

Well, that's it for an update. I'm working hard to finish Clothing Optional. After that, I have a couple of stores vying for my attention that have been started. Not sure which will grab my attention next, but surely one of them will start talking again.

Hope everyone is staying cool out there and safe. Enjoy your time and pick up a book to read!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

A new pretty to share--the cover for Cowgirl Strong

The cover for Cowgirl Strong, coming in November from Totally Bound. This is the sequel to Cowgirl Up.

Here's a sneak peek:

Lacey Bright just finished the best barrel racing season of her life only to find her world falling apart. The man she thought she loved is now engaged, her horse has just turned up lame and an old family secret comes out, leaving her reeling. With nowhere else to turn, Lacey throws herself into her new job, training horses for the local Humane Society farm.

After a terrifying bout with cancer, Jonas Marshall is hesitant to jump back into the dating ranks, or slide back into a roping saddle. His priorities have changed and his scars have caused him to avoid women in general. He’s content spending his days as head trainer at the Humane Society farm and living life on the sidelines until he sees something in Lacey he’s not found before—hope, compassion and potential.

A similar goal bring these two together. Yet change is never easy and difficult challenges await right around the corner. They have to face their fears or lose a chance at love. After all, life isn’t easy, and a woman has to be cowgirl strong to get what she desires.