Thursday, June 21, 2018

An Update on Baby

Hey all,

In case you were wondering what happened to the senior stray kitty that I took in, here she is! This is Baby. Yes, she made it through the dental surgery where she had 14 teeth removed due to infection and the tube feeding for 5 weeks. She's doing well. Her only real issue is that she's Stage III kidney disease. It's a challenge to deal with, trying to keep her eating and feeling well. But, she's a trooper and holding her own. Such a sweet girl, very loving. I still can't believe that she was a stray. Anyway, she's happy now, hanging out inside the house and in her favorite hammock at the moment, just like in the first picture.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Hey all! Long time no post!


I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. Time has a way of getting away especially when life is frantic chaos.

I've been writing! I promise! LOL. I presently have three stories submitted and waiting on an answer while working on a couple more. Working full time makes it hard to find writing time, but I'm still plodding along.

How's everyone doing? Enjoying the early summer?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Update on My Incredibly Busy Life

Hey all,

I just wanted to give an update on what's been happening lately in my personal and writing life. I've had some wonderful, kind readers asking me about when I'll have more books out, especially in one series or another. Those words I take to my soul and use them to both empower and motivate me.I don't want to keep those people waiting and wondering, so thought to put out a brief update.

I'll get there, but right now real life is kicking my butt. I'm working full time. For all you out there that do the same, I applaud each and every one of you. I continually juggle yard work, vegetable gardens, and house work. Writing has been a part time job and a hobby, to be squeezed in on my days off.

Since July I've been working with a stray cat that I've named Baby. She showed up in February in my storage shed. Too scared to let me close, she thawed enough to actually let me touch her in May. She's a real sweetie, loving to be held and petted. The only drawback is that she hasn't been eating well. I have purchased her every kind of cat food imaginable and sat with her, holding plates, offering and praising. Yes, she needed a dental, but the vet was full and she wanted her to gain a little strength first. Her only other problem was some renal insufficiency, but at 15-16 years old (the vet's best guess), it wasn't surprising. And, no, this isn't a picture of her, but it's a twin to her. She's very camera shy!

Anyway, after a couple of trips to the emergency vet for subcutaneous fluids for dehydration, Baby received her dental a week ago. She had horrible teeth, filled with abscesses. The vet removed fourteen of them, including her four canine teeth, leaving eight, all premolars and molars. She now has a feeding tube to provide nutrition and water until she can eat enough on her own. I've been feeding her every four hours around the clock for the past week and will continue to do so as long as it takes for her to get back to eating. I'm on vacation this week from work, so I'm able to do so. Next week, it's back to work, so please cross your fingers she's eating well by then. There's no one else to feed her besides me unless I drop her off for daycare at the vet. Yeah, that's $40 per day, too.

So, the moral of the story is I'm sleep deprived, hip deep in chores, and my writing mojo just isn't there. I hope to get back to it soon, but wanted to let all my much appreciated readers know that it might be a while before I can finish a book and get it released. Thank you all for choosing to pick up a copy of my books and for your heart-warming comments. Those are what keeps me going.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking a chance on my books and for sending me questions and positive comments. They are immensely appreciated.