Friday, November 28, 2014

Cover art for Ghost's Treasure (Wind Warriors #7) I LOVE this cover. It's absolutely perfect!

Another new pretty to share. This is for Ghost's Treasure (Wind Warriors #7) coming from Totally Bound in April. I LOVE this picture. Thank you Edward Kendrick for finding it and sharing!  It really is Ghost in his element.

Unedited blurb:
Josie discovers a hidden treasure in a box of books from an estate sale. A naïve online inquiry sets forth a chain of perilous events as potentially deadly thieves emerge from the woodwork. Rattled, she turns to the FBI for protection.

After a tragedy years before, Ghost swore to dedicate his life to wiping the earth of evil while locking away any and all feelings in order to carry on. When a buddy calls in a favor, Ghost reluctantly accepts the bodyguard job to a pretty biathlon athlete with a body that wouldn't quit and an inquisitive, bubbly nature, which bordered on amusement, if he could still feel emotions.

Josie's heart breaks for what tight-lipped Ghost must have suffered and vows to return humor to his stoic existence, if he'll just give her a chance.

With bad guys hot on their heels, can Ghost protect her from their deadly intentions? Can Josie discover the man underneath the impenetrable shield and remind him how wonderful happiness and love can be?

Coming in April from Totally Bound Publishing

Friday, November 21, 2014

Book of the day! This is a great one!

 Book of the day!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cover art for Shadowing Mace

The cover art for Shadowing Mace, a February release from Dreamspinner Press.  Reese did such an excellent job.  She's the best and I adore my covers with her. They just jump off the page and make me drool.  LOL.