Thursday, June 29, 2017

A beautiful cover for Single Male Vampire to share!

I have some gorgeous cover art to share! Emmy did such an excellent job and graciously dropped this in my email this morning. I couldn't wait to share.

Single Male Vampire, coming in September from Totally Bound.

Unedited blurb:

As an Old-World vampire existing in the modern age, life is hard enough without the additional challenge of dating in this confounding chaos called the twenty-first century. Yet, Andrew’s best friend is determined to set him up, come hell or high water. Online dating and ads in the classifieds figuratively suck, leaving only one solid solution—the old-fashioned way.

Spencer is an enigma. Both flirty and mysterious, he’s a man contradictory from what vampires ought to be, including working in the spotlight as an Elvis impersonator. But there’s something about Spencer that intrigues Andrew, draws him in, and adds excitement and a sense of adventure to his normally dull days.

There’s only one problem—he’s everything that drives Andrew nuts in a man.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

It's a Rainy Day

It's a rainy day here. Much needed so I'm not going to complain in the least.

Instead, I'm going to take advantage of the indoor time to work on a story. The question is which one? I have a handful in progress from all genres. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

What do you guys do on a rainy day?