Monday, June 30, 2014

New Cover art for Triad!

Triad, a re-release coming from Totally Bound on Sept. 19th!  I'm so ready!

A rogue wolf shifter with his growing army of killers sets alpha wolf and security expert Dillon into motion.  Together with his long time mate, Rick, they track the string of deaths to a small rural town.   
Copper, an alpha lion shifter, isn’t thrilled the Wolf Council sent the pair to stick their nose into his business. 
Sparks fly as they grapple with their instant attraction and jockey for top dog position while Rick sits back and watches the fireworks with amusement, realizing they just might have found their third mate.  The sexual tension is building while a deadly band of killers are culling out the next victim in their game. 
Can they put aside their differences and find a way to stop the killings before one of them ends up in the crosshairs?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The cover for Loco from Totally Bound. General release Aug. 28th.

The cover for Loco, Wind Warriors #2 from Totally Bound, due out Aug. 28th general release.

Isn't it pretty?

Loco lives in the fast lane.  A traumatic event in his past haunts him, spurring him to perform increasingly more dangerous and heroic feats, impressing others but doing nothing to satisfy the guilt eating at his gut.  Understanding he will die in the line of duty one day, Loco accepts the fact as his due.

Oakley is Loco’s other half, sharing his condominium.  Carrying her own deeply buried scars, she recognizes the man for what he is, intensely brave, devoted, and struggling with inner demons.  As they grow closer, she finds her frozen heart thawing and vows to love the tough hero and stand by his side, through thick and thin. 

Can he allow Oakley in his heart and life, knowing that he will leave her a widow sooner rather than later?  Or can they learn to trust one another and finally realize just maybe they are meant to be together?

This is another former Silver book which happily found a new home along with some extra scenes.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Feline Persuasion will be available July 16th!

Feline Persuasion has a release date!  July 16th from Dreamspinner.  It's listed on their coming soon page!  WhooHoo!

When tiger shifter Cade turns an oily owner of a consultation firm over to the FBI, he finds himself with a hit man on his heels. Chester was in possession of security-breaching national secrets, and even more concerning, evidence that shifters exist, and if it got out, trouble would follow for all shifters. So now Cade is on the run. He holes up in an isolated hideout where he doesn't expect anyone to find him--least of all a former one-night stand.

Alpha lion shifter Micah can’t shake Cade from his mind. They spent one glorious night together before Cade ran off without leaving even a name. He’s determined to find his runaway and protect what he's come to think as his despite Cade's one and done rule. He surprises Cade in his secret nest in the forest, learns the reason for Cade's self-imposed exile, and decides to call for help. This nets them Stone: a top-of-the-line bodyguard and the one man Micah can’t stand. Stone isn't thrilled either. He can think of better things to do than spend days in the wilderness with the uppity alpha who stomps on his last nerve.

Despite their differences and history, they need to find a way to survive and expose the traitor in their midst. They also realize chances at love are fleeting unless you grab the opportunity between your teeth and hold on for one wild ride.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The cover for Tiger's Lily from Totally Bound

The cover for Tiger's Lily, a very much expanded re-issue from Totally Bound. General release Aug. 1st. I can't wait!


Lily’s peaceful life in a small town vanishes when two men arrive, one carrying a bullet wound. She’s nominated for private nursing care in her home and grudgingly accepts despite her uncertainty, but soon finds herself drawn to the scowling Cale.

Cale, a.k.a. Tiger, isn’t thrilled either, but agrees to the arrangement for his wounded brother’s sake. He learned a hard lesson from his deceitful barracuda ex-wife and vows never again. With a handful of revenge seeking criminals hot on their heels, Cale fights his developing feelings for the tender-natured Lily.

Can the brothers survive the upcoming clash while protecting Lily? When they leave, will Lily’s fears come true? Will she never see the man she loves again?