Thursday, June 26, 2014

The cover for Loco from Totally Bound. General release Aug. 28th.

The cover for Loco, Wind Warriors #2 from Totally Bound, due out Aug. 28th general release.

Isn't it pretty?

Loco lives in the fast lane.  A traumatic event in his past haunts him, spurring him to perform increasingly more dangerous and heroic feats, impressing others but doing nothing to satisfy the guilt eating at his gut.  Understanding he will die in the line of duty one day, Loco accepts the fact as his due.

Oakley is Loco’s other half, sharing his condominium.  Carrying her own deeply buried scars, she recognizes the man for what he is, intensely brave, devoted, and struggling with inner demons.  As they grow closer, she finds her frozen heart thawing and vows to love the tough hero and stand by his side, through thick and thin. 

Can he allow Oakley in his heart and life, knowing that he will leave her a widow sooner rather than later?  Or can they learn to trust one another and finally realize just maybe they are meant to be together?

This is another former Silver book which happily found a new home along with some extra scenes.

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