Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Updates and release day for Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits released today! 

In further news, Secret Cravings Publishing contracted Cannibal's story. That's right, the next book in the Human Interaction series. Interaction with a Dragon will be an April release!  More to come on that!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Another busy week!

Yep, this week has been quite busy with lots more work to be done.

Edits. Boy Howdy, have I been getting edits. I started working on one set Monday only for another to drop into my inbox before I finished with the first ones. Of course, they were two different books by different publishers. I went cross-eyed, but managed to get them done and sent back.

This morning I had more edits, this on yet another book. I've got those done, but have to add a few more pages to the book. That's tomorrow's job.

To top it off, I'm expecting two more rounds of edits to appear in my email at any time.

New releases right around the corner. Yep, there's that too. Sky's Lark releases Friday from Totally Bound. Friends with Benefits releases a week from tomorrow from Dreamspinner Press. I'm gearing up for those, definitely!

Needless to say, writing hasn't happened this week. Maybe next. I hope!

Whew!  Writing isn't for the faint of heart or the lazy, I'll say that!

Monday, January 19, 2015

So, what am I working on now?

What am I working on now?

That's the million dollar question. LOL.

I managed to finish Cannibal's story last week, a story entitled Interaction with a Dragon (Human Interaction book 4). That's been submitted to the publisher. Now, I'm at an impasse. To pick a work in progress and get it back on track or to start something new.

Decisions, decisions.

It would be easier if the voices would start talking in my head. Any of them. I'm open to a new one or an old one.

Let's  hope writer's block resolves quickly. I have so many stories waiting to be finished.

So, those of you who have experienced writer's block, how did you get past it? Any suggestions?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Entangled Interaction (Human Interaction book 3) releases Friday!

Entangled Interaction (Human Interaction book 3) releases Friday from Secret Cravings!  I can't wait!

 Join Meat, Shy, Ducky, Cannibal and the rest of the gang in another fun-filled, laugh-out-loud story!

Shy's stalled relationship with Meat, her alpha liger shape-shifter boyfriend, seems defunct, her teleportation abilities appear more miss than hit, and her twin boys are clamoring for a father. If her life wasn't complicated enough, her boss throws in his bid as a potential date, she's kidnapped by a snow monster while visiting the clothing-optional Yeti resort, and finds herself leading a rescue mission to save her former boyfriend's sister from an overly determined wolf shape-shifter.

To top matters off, a shaman drops a bombshell on her world by informing her of a new magical talent she didn't realize she had. She grapples with the life-altering decision until disaster strikes.

Will love win out over the vast species differences between Shy and Meat? Can she make the right decision and save not only their relationship, but his life as well?

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Secret Cravings:

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Cover for Cowgirl Up, coming in February! Gorgeous!

Cowgirl Up, coming in February from Secret Cravings Publishing.

Unedited blurb: 

After the loss of her mother, Trinity finds herself alone in the world with only her horse, Legacy, for companionship. She embarks on a journey to fulfill her and her late mother’s dream:  to qualify for the barrel racing national championship.
Cody signed up as a rodeo vet in order to help alleviate his restlessness since returning from Afghanistan. The former Navy SEAL struggles with his scars both inside and out, especially after his last girlfriend took one look at his wounds and ran. 
Both Trinity and Cody are no strangers to grief. They recognize a kindred spirit in one another, but obstacles keep popping up along the way.
Can they find a way to trust one another and walk this journey together? In order to make all her dreams come true, can Trinity cowgirl up to the challenges and come out a winner?

Friday, January 2, 2015

Release day for Broken Bridges!

Release day for Broken Bridges!

My New Year is starting off right with the release of a book! Broken Bridges is here!

Will a second chance at love come too late?

Alpha wolf shifter Detective Dax Steel is hip deep in homicide cases, all bear shifters who seemingly died of natural causes in their prime. To make matters worse, the murders throw him back in contact with his ex-lover, Adin.

Adin shares the same genetics as the victims and a healthy appetite for the sexy and addictive Dax. A two week blazing hot affair between them fell apart almost as quickly as it started, leaving Adin longing but hesitant to risk his heart once more.

Can Dax track down the killer before Adin lands in his crosshairs? Will they come together as a team and find love is lasting after all?

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