Friday, August 1, 2014

Tiger's Lily releases today! Excerpt!

Tiger's Lily releases today!  

Lily’s peaceful life in a small town vanishes when two men arrive, one bearing a bullet wound. She’s nominated for private nursing care in her home and grudgingly accepts despite her uncertainty. However, she soon finds herself drawn to the scowling Cale.

Cale, a.k.a. Tiger, isn’t thrilled either, but agrees to the arrangement for his wounded brother’s sake. He learned a hard lesson from his deceitful barracuda ex-wife and has vowed never again. With a handful of revenge-seeking criminals hot on their heels, though, Cale fights his developing feelings for the tender-natured Lily.

Can the brothers survive the upcoming clash while protecting Lily? When they leave, will Lily’s fears come true? Will she never see the man she loves again?


Four forty-five. Fifteen more minutes before their extended Thanksgiving holiday began. Margaret, the receptionist, had dashed off right behind the final client of the day, eager to hit the grocery store and begin cooking for her large brood. The benefits and expectations of being a grandmother, she’d pointed out. That left Lily to clean and stock up after the harried day, while the doctor finished his notes.

Lily pulled the last bag from the trash can, adding it to her increasing pile to be taken out as she left work for the day. Mundane chores didn’t care if she was a housekeeper or a nurse like she was—all part of the job. A job she was more than happy to have after her life had toppled like a deck of playing cards.

If there ever was an angel, Carson fit the bill. If he wasn’t married, probably every woman in a fifty-mile radius would be banging on his door for some undivided attention from the handsome, smart, and friendly doctor. He radiated compassion and caring, working long and often late hours in order to see any client with a need—all his dedication along with a smile, kind word, and gentle hand. He’d given her a job when she had needed it most. For that, she’d happily spend the rest of her working life picking up the trash and whatever other task needed doing in his small practice.

Quickly, Lily tied up the final garbage bag, before stuffing a clean replacement in the plastic can near the back door while mentally checking off the closing routine chores.

The back door whined as it opened.

Spinning around, Lily saw a tall, dark-headed man step confidently through the back door, camouflage covering a powerful build. Her attention quickly moved from the man to the weapon he carried in his right hand. A rifle for sure, but not one used for hunting game. More like what she would expect someone in the military or even a SWAT team to use. Her heart raced as she kicked her stunned brain into action.

The newcomer’s stark blue gaze quickly raked over the room before landing on her. His grim mouth, with a deep scowl, spoke of his current mood. Black smudges covered his face, sending her fear skyrocketing.

She opened her mouth to scream, only to find the strange man’s hand immediately covering her mouth. His other arm wrapped around her middle, keeping her in place, facing away from him, but easily under his control. Instinctively, she began to struggle, kicking and pulling at his arm, anything to try to break free.

“Hold still. I’m not here to hurt you.” The deep husky voice penetrated her brain.

That’s probably what all the villains told their victims, lured them into a false sense of safety then did their worst. A momentary pause later, she renewed her fight.

He shook her a bit, the strong, tanned hand immobile over her mouth. “Stop it. I don’t have time for this.”

The sheer frustration and annoyance in his voice stilled her endeavors for release. That and the brute strength she felt in the body holding her told her that this man possessed the ability to do just about anything he wanted to her and there would be little she could do about it.

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