Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cover art for Friends with Benefits. I LOVE working with Reese! She's exceptional!

Here's the cover for Friends with Benefits, a January release coming from Dreamspinner Press.  Reese is amazing!  I especially love the lion guarding his baseball.  LOL. 

Unedited blurb:

Wolf shifter Wiley is in trouble.  He can't duck out of his pack's big annual event, but already knows his grandmother has suitors lined up for him to choose one and mate.  Considering he's a confirmed playboy with no notion of settling down with one man, the situation dangles just above absolute disaster.  

 Luckily, his best friend Ram, a lion shifter and fellow baseball teammate agrees to save Wiley's butt, posing as Wiley's boyfriend for the entire weekend.  Wiley's thrilled, knowing they can pull the harmless deceit off, then return to their normally scheduled lives.  
Unfortunately, fate has other plans as they find out when dared to actually kiss.  Passion erupts so hot and intense, they fear the couch will spontaneously combust under them.  Both men can't push the small act of affection from their minds, but each struggle with fears, uncertainties, and ramifications of following where their desires lead.  They find they can't outrun their feelings, but can they find the courage to push past their concerns and take a leap of faith before they lose everything including their friendship? 

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