Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Welcome my guest today, Kenzie Michaels! Here's a glimpse into her world!

Thanks for having me today, Cheyenne!
My heroine, GiNae SoJae, in NiKoh’s Chosen, is an animal lover, so today I thought I’d share with you some of our past and present four-legged friends.
My daughter had been volunteering at our local animal shelter, and fell in love with Cheyenne, the ‘German-Rott-Bull-Chow’, so she brought her home five years ago.  Chey has been a wonderful addition to our family, since we had to put down our German Shepherd in 2008, and my beloved Black Lab in 2010.
My youngest went to the park on New Year’s Eve Day in 2009 and came home with Oreo.  Since at the time we already had two dogs and two pet rats, I wanted him taken to the shelter as soon as they opened in two more days.  Oreo, however, managed to capture our hearts and remained with us for 3 years, until he disappeared one rainy day.  We think he was captured by the neighbor in a live trap, along with six others, and taken who-knows-where.  Oreo was known to never turn down free food, and while we can’t prove it, the timing is still suspicious, though the neighbor still denies our kitty was in the trap. 
Our Pit Bull Dexter, was acquired with great reservation on my part.  A friend of my daughter’s had moved back in with his mom, and asked if we would keep him ‘for just one night’, until another home could be found.  One night turned into a weekend, which turned into a week…now, two years later, he’s ours and a big baby, who thinks he’s a lap dog.  I love this picture of our ‘vicious pit’, curled up with my two y/o granddaughter’s  blanket!  He doesn’t hesitate to defend his turf, though we finally got him to stop barking at the mailman!  

As I stated, Dexter’s a big baby, and here, my daughter used him for a head rest.
Many pet owners go through heartache, and our family is no exception.  Roxie, the cocker spaniel we rescued six years ago, is now totally blind and nearly deaf.  We also joke she has ‘doggy 
Alztheimer’s’, since I can put her out to do her business, then five minutes later she thinks she has to go out again.  She’s also gotten ‘lost’ in the house, not knowing what room she’s in, and has to be gently guided out of it.  Roxie has a bad habit of lying in the center of the walkway in the middle of the night, only to be tripped over or even kicked across the room by family members on their way to the bathroom.
Thank you Kenzie for sharing with us today! You're such a sweetheart and I applaud your love of animals and your wonderful stories. Keep up the excellent work!

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