Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lookie! Up for pre-order, due out in two weeks and Endangered Species has already hit the All Romance Ebooks best seller list!

Lookie!  Endangered Species just hit booksellers as a pre-order. Already it's a best seller at All Romance Ebooks.

Check it out!

YIPPEE!  I'm so excited!

Here's a peek: 

Injured, exhausted, and on his last leg, lynx shifter, Jordan, all but gives up hope. After weeks confined in a research lab against his will, he manages to escape only to become hunted and is on the run. His will to survive is strong...if only he can keep going.

 Noble finds a ragged, bloody shifter on his doorstep in desperate need of attention. He recognizes a similar kinship with Jordan--they're misfits. Noble can't change forms, a fact his family won't accept. Jordan, thanks to the experimentation, can achieve any feline form, but not without a price.

 Together, they find common ground, trust, and compassion as the winter snows offer protection from Jordan's hunter. Feelings deepen and passion erupts. However, both know their time is limited. A mad scientist with torture on his mind won't stop searching for his creation--or killing anyone who stands in his way.

And an excerpt:

Just a little further.

 Jordan sucked in a breath and was nearly bowled over with pain when his injured leg slid off the slippery, muddy slope, forcing him to use his claws to dig in. Shards of agony lashed through him as he caught himself out of sheer determination and used the leverage and last of the strength in his right rear leg to push himself back on the more level ground. He paused a second to catch his breath, and shuddered with weakness.

 For two long weeks, he'd been hunted. Run to ground over and over, only to find a way to escape each time. Until now. Exhausted, he'd slept for a couple of hours, unable to move along without minimal rest. Until a shot rang out, a blast of fire entered his hind leg, and the limb could barely handle the weight even in his present natural form of a lynx. It was most likely broken and in need of swift repair.

 He'd been a lab guinea pig for the last three weeks or was it four? Kept behind bars like a dangerous criminal, used for experiments, which should have not only been outlawed, but considered so morally wrong, the entire world would cry out in protest.

 Other shifters had suffered the same fate, yet, one by one, they died from a combination of the experimental drugs forced into their systems, a lack of adequate food and water, and the rapidly declining will to survive. Most gave up and embraced death. Jordan teetered on the edge, but his inner beast refused to allow him to give up. Not when he had a plan and simply waited for his opportunity. The day finally came. He escaped his cell and ran for the hills after ransacking the lab and destroying the formulas Wilson declared took a lifetime to produce. He'd smiled in satisfaction as first one laptop then the other lay smashed on the floor, completely beyond repair.

 Unfortunately, his jailer carried a grudge. A big one.

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