Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sad times

Sadly, one of my publishers has closed the doors. Secret Cravings Publishing is now deceased. Books are coming down from sites as we speak. Rights revision letters will follow. It's happening all too often lately because the market is tough. Very tough. So hard for the small publishers to be able to compete. I will say that SCP is handling this with grace and honesty. There's no hiding, no arguing. Sandy, the owner, has been upfront, answering questions, and working hard to make this as easy as possible. For that I'm grateful.

This will affect 7 books of mine. In my opinion, the best books that I've written. I'll be searching for new homes for them soon. I'll update everyone when that happens. For the moment, I'll leave the cover art on my blog. When I start looking for new homes for those books, I'll take them down and hopefully have new ones to replace them.

In the meantime, I'll try to get back on the writing wagon and get more new stuff out there.
Thanks again to everyone who reads my stuff. Without you and all the wonderful author friends, I don't know that I'd keep writing. But, we must all press onward even in times of adversity. So, that's what I shall do.

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