Monday, November 30, 2015

Leap of Faith releases Friday! My first sci-fi book!

Leap of Faith releases Friday from Fireborn Publishing. This is my first sci-fi book and I'm excited to see how it goes!


Alaina Stratten's dream of purchasing a rare cloth to take home falls flat once she sets eyes on a man and child in shackles. His gaze compels her to step up and do something. Before she knows it, she's the new owner of the slave pair.

Betrayed by his wife and sold into slavery, Race Trevern desperately needs the break Alaina offers. Not about to waste their chance, Race quickly gains the advantage, vowing to give the woman a taste of captivity by making her his slave, his wife's treachery still a bitter aftertaste.

The past haunts Race, forcing his hand and threatening the precarious freedom he and his son recently gained. He needs assistance and the only one who can change the tide is locked in his dungeon. Race has no choice but to trust Alaina and hope her promises hold true. She holds their lives in her hands.

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