Thursday, December 11, 2014

Need some holiday cheer? Christmas with Mesa releases tomorrow! Tis the season for rediscovered love and Christmas miracles!

Guess what releases tomorrow?  Christmas with Mesa!  I'm so excited! Happy Holidays everyone. Here's to love rediscovered and Christmas miracles!

Fed up with being the pawn in her parents' continual bickering match, Kendall decides to avoid all the fuss and take a well-deserved vacation over Christmas with her rescued German shepherd dog, Mesa. Finding a pet friendly resort, she heads off for some much needed rest and relaxation only to bump into an old college boyfriend.

Jason and Kendall parted ways four years earlier when he graduated a semester early and left for graduate school, eventually losing touch with one another. Long ago buried feelings re-emerge as they get to know one another once more.

Can they re-kindle lost love and find a way to stay together or will history repeat itself?

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