Friday, March 27, 2015

It's release day for Blue Blood's Trifecta, Wind Warriors #6!

Guess what releases today? Yep, that's right! Blue Blood's Trifecta, book 6 in the Wind Warrior series!

When past meets present things begin to sizzle.

When an emergency call goes out, FBI agent Ryan tags along with his sister on a Wind Warrior mission. Along the way, he meets Tempest, a beautiful female pilot who stirs his desires, and Rogue, a former Army buddy. Seeing Rogue again brings out feelings Ryan doesn’t understand and isn’t prepared to accept.

Their old rivalry returns as both men want Tempest, who happens to be Rogue’s employee.

The mission that brought the three of them together comes back to haunt them all with danger hanging over the head of every Wind Warrior and their loved ones.

Can Ryan work through his newfound interest in Rogue even as he’s falling for Tempest? Will they pull together and unite in time to save each other from a hired assassin?


“How’s Bryce?” he asked, changing the subject while finishing the last of his late night supper.

She sighed longingly. “Wonderful.”

He shook his head. “Love if I ever saw it.”

“Yep.” She slurped on her water.

A twinge of jealousy smacked him in the chest and stuck tight. Always before, he thought the bachelor life held everything he wanted and then some. He began to notice the expressions of bliss and sheer happiness on the face of his sister, who’d recently found her other half. Seeing the two of them together made him feel like he could bask in their glow.

Now, he wasn’t so sure living single held as bright an appeal as it used to.

The ringing of her phone broke through his melancholic thoughts.

She dug her cell phone out of her oversized handbag, glanced at the screen, and blinked. “Oh, shit.”

He tensed, immediately on alert. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s an SOS. The guys are in trouble.”

After digging his wallet out, Ryan tossed a few bills on the table, scooped up their trash and shoved it in the bin on the way out of the front door of the restaurant, Lark hot on his heels. “Where to?” he asked, as they both hopped into his truck and fastened their seatbelts.

She read the message quickly. “The airport—and now.”

Revving the engine, he mentally pictured the shortest route and pushed the speed limit to get there. “What does it say?”

“New information just came in. Loco, Cale and Spoon are headed straight into an ambush. It’s all hands on deck.”

Although he’d never met the other Wind Warriors Lark worked with, his gut clenched at the ominous words. No brave soldier deserved to be set up as decoys, or cannon fodder, or to walk into a trap based on faulty or outright wrong information.

“Count me in.”

She glanced up at him with a worried look written clearly across her face. “Ryan, this isn’t your fight.”

“It is now.”

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