Monday, February 2, 2015

Cowgirl Up arrives Thursday! I can't wait. These are one of my favorite couples and I think their story is so touching, so moving, I enjoy re-reading it myself!

Cowgirl Up by Cheyenne Meadows arrives on Thursday. Kick up your boots and get ready to read a rollercoaster ride western!

After the loss of her mother, Trinity finds herself alone in the world with only her horse, Legacy, for companionship. She embarks on a journey to fulfill her and her late mother’s dream:  to qualify for the barrel racing national championship.
Cody signed up as a rodeo vet in order to help alleviate his restlessness since returning from Afghanistan. The former Navy SEAL struggles with his scars both inside and out, especially after his last girlfriend took one look at his wounds and ran. 
Both Trinity and Cody are no strangers to grief. They recognize a kindred spirit in one another, but obstacles keep popping up along the way.
Can they find a way to trust one another and walk this journey together? In order to make all her dreams come true, can Trinity cowgirl up to the challenges and come out a winner?
“Thanks for the assist.”
“No problem.” Cody watched Legacy eat for a moment, then turned back to Trinity. “I missed you last weekend.”
She smiled softly. “I missed you too.” Looking down, she blurted out an admission. “It was lonely in Denver. I didn’t know anyone. No one to really talk to or hang around with.” She sighed and met his gaze once more. “I was feeling pretty down until you called. It made everything better and I realized how spoiled I’d gotten seeing you every weekend.”
He stepped closer and cupped her cheek. “I’m glad I could help.”
“You always do.” The whispered words came from her soul.
His eyes darkened a notch, then he lowered his head.
Trinity closed her eyes and lifted to meet Cody halfway. His lips brushed over hers, left, then returned to stay. Gently, he plied and learned, coaxed and soothed. She accepted each caress with eagerness, giving back in earnest.
All too soon, he lifted his head and peered down at her. A grin slowly played on his face. “Nice.”
She blinked up at him. “I was thinking more along the lines of yummy.”
He laughed, his features becoming all the more handsome with the addition of humor. He trailed his fingers along her jawline and pinned her gaze. Deep blue eyes twinkled with mischief and something else. “You’re a surprise, Trinity.”
“Is that good or bad?” She thought she knew the answer, but needed to hear the words.
“Good. Very good,” he purred out.
Her stomach flip-flopped with exquisite pleasure as her previously dormant libido came to life with a flurry.
“Is it dinner time already?” A woman’s voice interrupted.
Trinity turned her head to find Lacey walking toward them, a bucket in hand.
Cody dropped his hand and twisted to meet the newcomer. Trinity immediately felt the loss.
“Seems so.”
Lacey stepped around them to enter Candy’s stall.
“I should get going. There’s a roping horse that I promised to check in on this evening.”
“Okay.” Trinity desperately wanted to ask if he’d return, but caught herself just in time. No sense in sounding clingy and needy. Besides, only a couple more weekends and she’d be hanging up her boots for good.
He blew out a breath. “I’ll catch you later.”
Cody paused for one more second, then turned on his heel and strode away. Trinity watched him go with more than a hint of longing.
“Damn, girl.”
“What?” Trinity reluctantly turned her attention from Cody’s retreating perfect rear to Lacey.
“The sparks coming off you two rivaled the Fourth of July.”
“It was just a kiss.” The best one of my life.

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