Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What to do on a snowy day?

Judging by how much snow I shoveled off my driveway yesterday, I'd say there was about six inches in my area. Made for some great exercise although I think I'd rather be doing something else to burn calories. Oh, well.
Even shoveled a path in the backyard so the feral cats could get to the water and storage shed where the food is kept without having to get coated in snow. Poor kitties. But, they seem to be doing okay with the cold and snow. They have food, water, and shelter so that's pretty good for feral kitties.

In other news, I did edits on Second Chances yesterday, a western story all about getting another opportunity at love, life, and happiness. Here's the blurb:

Former Navy SEAL turned stable owner, Dusty carries scars from war, manipulative women, and a hurtful tear in his family bonds.  Content to be alone with his animals, he’s happy with life on his own terms. 

April needs a special stable to board her adopted horses.  With a filly that has been abused and a history of her own suffering at the hands of men, April’s hesitant but willing to give Dusty a try.  If only he can work magic with her horses, she’ll be overjoyed.  

He’s not thrilled with her but can’t bring himself to send her packing.  Not when his body responds so easily and his heart craves the salvation she offers. Unfortunately, a raging wildfire threatens to wipe out everything he owns and separate him from the one woman who makes him believe again.

Will fate tear them apart or can he find a way to step up, like the hero he is, in order to save the day?    

This will be a March 6th release. I'm so excited! I've really enjoyed writing western stories lately and intend to write a few more in time.

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