Thursday, April 16, 2015

I have a guest today. Everyone, please meet Remmy Duchene!

I'd like to welcome Remmy Duchene today.

Remmy has a new, wonderful book out and is here today to tell us about it and a little personal information as well!

SAMURAI: An Unhealthy Love Affair
By: Remmy Duchene

When I was a little girl in Jamaica, we had two television stations—JBC and CVM. So we didn’t have much to watch but old Westerns and Martial arts movies. From a young age I had this thing for the Samurai. Let’s be honest, when I was young watching ones like G.I Samurai from 1979 or Samurai Rebellion from about 1967 I didn’t know the real history behind these formidable fighters. All I knew was that they were bad-ass and when I grew up I wanted to be one. No one told me I couldn’t because I was a girl because of course I never voiced this out loud. I would merely run around the front yard screaming “Hiiiii-yah!” while karate chopping the air or my sister to emphasize just how Samurai I was. 

Even at the young age of eight or nine, I knew the Samurai were something special. From the way they dressed, to the way they wore their hair I developed an unhealthy love and a keen interest. I would read every book I could get my hands on (which wasn’t easy since I lived in the country side in Jamaica at the time and these books weren’t conducive to my education so not a top priority for the libraries there). 

Then I was introduced to Bruce Lee – sure he wasn’t a Samurai but he might as well have been. Since I couldn’t be a Samurai or meet a real-honest-to-goodness Samurai, Bruce Lee would have to do! 
The years ticked by—and soon I moved to Canada. The first book I ever borrowed from the library was The Book of Five Rings by the greatest Samurai Ever Miyamoto Musashi. And my adoration of the Samurai continues in my story Osaki that’s book two in my SHIVERS series. It took tons of research—oh the agony! (winks). The search was mostly to brush up on what I already know then delve into my knowledge, books and movies to gather tidbit of information on the culture and these great men. Sure, there were female Samurai (like the Onna Musha). Sure they weren’t an everyday thing but they existed.  But I digress.

I brought a warrior from the past in to the present, and gave him free roam to have a life and enjoy.
When I spoke to Austin Clarke at a function in Toronto in 2014, he told me the old saying “write what you love” is no joke. I love the Samurai and with that in mind, writing OSAKI gave me great pleasure (not THAT kind of pleasure you dirty lol). 


Zeus’ eyes flashed as the sky darkened and lightening streaked across it. Osaki glanced at Kofi for a split second to ensure he was still by his side then eyed Zeus.
“I am not a fool, Zeus. Tell me true. Why are you really here?”
“I do not know why Ciro saw it fit to give you more than you already had. You did not deserve these abilities.”
“That is what you came here to do? To say the same thing the rogues have been saying since Aerios tried to wipe us out? Save your...”
“Now wait a minute!” Kofi spoke up, shoving roughly against Osaki’s arm.
“Kofi...” Osaki warned.
“No!” Kofi said, stepping forward. “No. He has no right talking to you like that. One of his dumbass sons tossed a fucking lightning bolt at me, and almost killed you and now he has the nerve to say you don’t deserve to be a Shiver? To hell with that.”
Osaki couldn’t tell the last time he was so proud. Here was a man who wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he believed in and this man—if he could find some way to make it happened—was all his.
“I could crush you with a thought,” Zeus threatened.
“But we both know you’re not going to because Koi and Ciro would burn your pathetic world to the ground.”
Zeus took a step back. Osaki was shocked for it seemed Kofi’s words genuinely scared Zeus. What was going on?
“You sit on mount Olympus only venturing down here when you’re horny and then leave your poor, unsuspecting victims to handle the messes you’ve created!” Kofi continued. “Forget king of the Gods, you’re a coward!”
“How dare you! I am Zeus!”
Kofi lifted his hand like he was holding a sock puppet. “Blah, blah-fucking-blah! Who gives a flying fuck? There is a battle happening here. And all you can do is come down here and try to throw your power around? We’re not impressed.” Kofi took a step toward Zeus which made Osaki very uncomfortable. “You are either on our side or you’re part of the problem.”
“Is he yours?” Zeus asked Osaki.
“Stick around, Zeus and you will learn, Kofi belongs to no one,” Osaki spoke. “But I am his.”

Thank you for telling us about yourself and giving us a peek into your latest book. Many happy sales to you!


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